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  • June-19: I was featured in a CNBC article talking about how musical artists can use their internet presence to create direct connections with their fans.
  • June-19: I was featured in a Marketplace article about the break up of Apple’s iTunes digital media software application.
  • May-19: My paper with Rahul Telang and Liron Sivan titled “Do Search Engines Influence Media Piracy? Evidence from a Randomized Field Study” is now forthcoming in the journal MIS Quarterly.
  • May-19: My paper with Jeffrey Hu and Hailiang Chen was published in this month’s issue of Management Science, and was featured in the Management Science research blog.  In the paper we analyze the impact of delayed Kindle releases on hardcover book sales and overall book sales. We find that delaying Kindle availability has very little impact of hardcover sales and significantly hurts Kindle sales.
  • April-19: My article with Rahul Telang titled “Why Isn’t Hulu Better?” was published on
  • March-19: My paper with Rahul Telang and Yi Zhang analyzing the impact of iTunes availability on piracy was published in the International Journal of the Economics of Business. In the paper, we use data from 1520 catalog movies that were introduced to the iTunes movie store between April 2011 and April 2012. Our data show that availability on iTunes causes an 11.8% decrease in monthly piracy levels.
  • March-19:  I was quoted in an Associated Press story about AT&T’s reorganization of WarnerMedia.
  • February-19:  Rahul Telang and my article, “Netflix and the Economics of Bundling” was featured on Harvard Business Review.
  • February-19:  I participated in a research symposium on “Safe Harbors and Private Ordering” hosted by the Center for the Protection of Intellectual Property.
  • October-18:  I presented “The Impact of Piracy Notice Sending on Consumer Behavior for Entertainment:  
Evidence from a Randomized Field Experiment in the UK” at the Center for the Protection of Intellectual Property Fall Conference “IP for the Next Generation of Technology”.
  • September-18:  I presented “The Impact of Piracy Notice Sending on Consumer Behavior for Entertainment: Evidence from a Randomized Field Experiment in the UK” at the 2018 Mallen Conference on Filmed Entertainment Economics.
  • September-18: Liron Sivan, Rahul Telang, and my article studying the impact of pirate links in search engine results was accepted for publication at Management Science. Our research shows that moving pirate links from the first page of search results to the second page causes a significant reduction in piracy and a significant increase in legal purchases. We also find that this change occurs even among consumers who initially express a desire to pirate content.
  • September-18: I gave a keynote presentation at the Fifth Korea Cultural Contents Forum on “Big Data and the Future of Entertainment.”
  • September-18:  My paper with Hal Varian and Seth Stephens-Davidowitz titled “Super Returns to Super Bowl Ads?” was awarded the Dick Wittink Award for the best paper published in Quantitative Marketing and Economics in 2017.
  • August-18:  I was a discussant on “Streaming Video: Meet the Pirates” at the Technology Policy Institute Aspen Forum.
  • August-18:  Michael Smith was quoted in an NPR story about the future of the online streaming industry.
  • June-18: I presented results on the effectiveness of anti-piracy measures in the UK at the 2018 Music Industry Research Association conference.
  • June-18:  I was featured in a Bloomberg article about the Department of Justice’s role in future merger enforcements within media.
  • June-18:  I was a panelist for “Trust in Storytelling: Can Content Creators Ever Win?” at the Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers, Entertainment Technology @ 2018 Conference in Sunnyvale, California.
  • June-18:  Rahul Telang and my opinion piece, “Godspeed to AT&T-Time Warner” was featured in The Wall Street Journal.



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