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  • September-21: I participated in a panel sponsored by the Hudson Institute titled “Copyright Protection in the Digital Age.”
  • September-21: Marshall van Alstyne and I co-authored a piece with Story Partners discussing how Section 230 can be reformed to protect children from online harms.
  • August-21: I was quoted in a Wall Street Journal article about the impact of online piracy during the pandemic and our research showing that increasing the cost of accessing pirated content causes pirates to switch to legal consumption (see hereherehere, and here).
  • August-21: Marshall van Alstyne and I have a piece in today’s Harvard Business Review online discussing platform accountability and the need to reform Section 230.
  • August-21: I was quoted in a story about Netflix’s use of data to greenlight niche shows.
  • July-21: My paper with Mi Zhou, George Chen, and Pedro Ferreira titled “Consumer Behavior in the Online Classroom: Using Video Analytics and Machine Learning to Understand the Consumption of Video Courseware” was accepted for publication at the Journal of Marketing Research. In the paper, we show that characteristics like instructor emotions, video properties, and visual aesthetic features can be used to accurately predict student engagement in online learning settings.
  • March-21: I wrote about the future of higher education credentials in a series titled “Building a brighter future: Big ideas for post secondary education.
  • March-21: I was quoted in a New York Times article discussing Netflix’s efforts to control password sharing piracy on its platform.
  • January-21: I co-authored a piece in the Harvard Business Review online which shows that the early availability of movies on streaming channels may not significantly harm theatrical sales.
  • December-20: The Harvard Business Review covered my research with Uttara Ananthakrishnan and Beibei Li on how platforms should deal with fake reviews.
  • November-20: I was interviewed by NPR Marketplace about how the blurred lines between live and recorded performances are impacting artists.
  • November-20: I was interviewed by the EPIDEMIC podcast about how the COVID pandemic will change higher education.
  • October-20: I co-authored a piece in the Harvard Business Review online discussing recent research on the potential promotional impact of piracy.
  • October-20: I was interviewed by NPR Marketplace for a story about Disney’s reorganization to focus on streaming.
  • September-20: I was interviewed by NPR Marketplace for a story about the sale of Quibi’s assets.
  • September-20: I was interviewed for a story on CMU’s homepage titled “Higher Education Was Already Ripe for Disruption. Then, COVID-19 Happened.”
  • September-20: I was interviewed by NPR Marketplace for a story about Apple’s new Apple One service.
  • September-20: I was interviewed by Foreign Policy on the question “Will Universities Ever Return to Normal?” Short answer. “No.”
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