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  • September-23: I discussed my new book “The Abundant University: Remaking Higher Education for a Digital World” on Talks at Google.
  • September-23: I was interviewed by Inside Higher Ed about higher education’s need to embrace technology to help break down barriers to entry for students.
  • September-23: – My new book “The Abundant University: Remaking Higher Education for a Digital World” is now available for purchase. Learn more or purchase here.
  • September-23: I discussed disruption in higher education on the What Happens Next in 6 Minutes with Larry Bernstein podcast.
  • September-23: My book The Abundant University: Remaking Higher Education For a Digital World was featured in a review by Forbes.
  • August-23: I was quoted in a Marketplace story on the decline of cable and the rise of online streaming.
  • July-23: I was quoted in a U.S. News story about Netflix’s decision to limit password sharing on its platform.
  • April-23: The Hudson Institute published my policy memo titled “What the Online Piracy Tells Us About Copyright Policymaking.”
  • April-23: I gave a keynote talk titled “Digital Transformation and Mission-Based Leadership” to the 2023 Salesforce Education Summit, Executive Session.
  • January-23: I was interviewed by CHCH TV about how increased competition is changing how Netflix renews series.
  • December-22: I was quoted in a Variety story about channel consolidation in the cable industry.
  • November-22: I was quoted in a story in the Observer about Disney’s streaming strategy.
  • November-22: I participated in a panel discussion titled “Student Debt and the Future of Higher Education” moderated by Danielle Douglas-Gabriel of the Washington Post.
  • October-22: I was interviewed by USA Today on the price increases for Apple Music, Apple TV, and Apple One. 
  • October-22: I appeared on the Technology Policy Institute’s “Two Think Minimum” podcast to discuss technological disruption and the future of higher education.
  • October-22: I was interviewed by Lifewire about the Supreme Court’s decision to hear two cases regarding social media platform’s legal liability for algorithmically promoting harmful videos. 
  • October-22: I was interviewed by CNBC about whether social media companies should face legal liability for content posted by users.
  • September-22: I was interviewed by NPR about Netflix’s ability to compete in an increasingly crowded streaming market.
  • September-22: I was quoted in an NPR story about why Disney chooses to release some movies in theaters and some direct to streaming on Disney+.
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